LinkColor                 by Framewright

Take Control of Your On Set Color

Features (v2.3 - Updated -1/31/2015)  Include:

• Color & Picture Adjustments in Real Time, to Live HD Video

• RGB and Master Controls of Black Level, Gamma, and Gain

• Saturation, Warm/Cool, & Green Shift Adjustments

• Custom User Matrix Adjustments

• Use of Pre (DeLog) & Post (Display) 3D LUTs

• Storage and Recall of All Adjustments

• Loading & Export of 3D LUTs and Color Decision Lists

• Controls up to 6 HDLink Pros

• Supports Tangent Wave Panel

• Can Utilize a 1D Tone Map on input

• Legal to Full and Full to Legal I/O Conversions

• CDL Server Functionality

• Hot Plug and Unplug HDLink Capability

All with a simple user interface. Available only on Intel based Mac OS X (version 10.5 through 10.10). NOTE: HDLinks are not currently compatible with the El Capitan Mac OS.


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The matrix color science and implementation has been significantly improved.

A number of bothersome bug fixes are also included.

It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version.

(Note: This update is free to currently licensed users)

LinkColor v2.3 Updates: