ABBY LEVINE - DIT, production, post, effects supervision, location engineering & supervision for high definition video projects

Beginning in 1980, he enjoyed a successful career as a free-lance engineer and editor working primarily in NYC and traveling extensively for a variety of clients including the major networks and corporations such as NBC, ABC, PBS, IBM and ATT. His accomplishments include awards for excellence from the American Film Institute, International Teleproduction Society and other peer group organizations.

In 1984 he co-founded Palomar Software, Inc. with Barry Minnerly to develop and market the successful Log-ItTM-100 software package for applications in video and film logging.

In 1986, following a steady working relationship with REBO Associates, he joined REBO High Definition Studio as a full time employee. Helping to pioneer HDTV production there, he specialized in HDTV production engineering and special effects design and execution, including extensive Ultimatte compositing. Concurrently, he began a number of projects including hardware and software design for HDTV post production. These included the first high-definition computer based frame buffer (U.S. Patent 5,347,322) and associated software for graphic design and effects work. He and Mr. Minnerly designed and produce an iris motor controller (StopboxTM) for integrating cine-style lenses into the electronic cinematography environment. More recently, he and Martin Port have developed LinkColor software for controlling a BlackmagicTM-Design HDLink Pro for color correction in the digital production and post environment.

At REBO Studio, responsibilities included production and post production engineering on numerous HDTV productions throughout the world. These included documentary work for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) in Uganda and Azerbaijan, and for NHK Television in the wake of the Kobe earthquake. Most recently at Rebo, he served as location engineer and post producer for the six episode Wild!Life Adventures series for Turner Original Productions. Other recent projects included post supervision on a number of projects incorporating intensive After Effects/live action integration for the Newseum in Washington, and for Mitsubishi Electronics. He also served as a production trainer for a series of four training sessions for foreign broadcasters held by REBO for the Taiwan Broadcast Development fund.

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