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Since the closing of REBO in November 1998, projects have included effects and post supervision for The NBC Experience, HD post production supervision for WNET's Great Performances Swingin' with Duke, WETA's In Performance at the White House:Legends of the Blues, and PBS' Newport Jazz Festival 1999-2002 and 2004. Additionally, he has served as multi-camera HD video engineer for NHK from the White House, Cape Canaveral (STS-95 & STS-99 launches), and PBS/NHK's Jessye Norman:Home for the Holidays specials.

More recently, he has served as multi-camera HD video engineer for Backstreet Boys Concert (Indianapolis), Maryland Public TV's Piano Grand hosted by Billy Joel, and NHK's (and PBS pool) coverage of the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.

In the 2000 & 2001 seasons, he served as engineer for 31 episodes of 100 Centre Street - a pioneering 24P HDTV multi-camera dramatic series executive produced and directed by Sidney Lumet and aired on A&E Network. Engineering facilities for this multi-camera production were designed and created by him along with Barry Minnerly for both the premiere and follow-up seasons.


Projects in 2006 include:

    o          South Beach Comedy Festival, Larry Jordan-Director, Tom Kenny-LD

    o          Hope & Faith, ABC sitcom, 24P multicamera HD, Dick Quinlan-DP

    o          Ongoing Film & Commercial Projects, Errol Morris-Director, Bob Chappell-DP

    o          Rocky Balboa (VI), 24P HD additional photography, Sylvester Stallone –Director, Clark Mathis-DP

    o          Other HD projects on request

Projects in 2005 include:

    o          Ongoing Film & Commercial Projects, Errol Morris-Director, Bob Chappell-DP

    o          Hope & Faith, ABC sitcom, 24P multicamera HD, Dick Quinlan-DP

    o          Dreamgirls Screen Test, Beyonce Knowles Dreamworks screen test 24P HD, Mauricio Rubinstein-DP

    o          Motley Crue Concert, 18 Camera 24P HD, for DVD, Tom Kenny-LD

    o          Various Saturday Night Live Film Unit, HD, James Signorelli-Director

    o          Destiny's Child "Farewell Concert-Atlanta,'" 14 Camera 24P HD

    o          Farm Aid Concert, 8 Camera 24P HD, Larry Jordan director, Stan Crocker-LD

    o          Dennis Leary's Happy %$&#Q Xmas, 24P HD Comedy Central special

    o          Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays, 5 Camera SD production

    o          Sound of the Guns, 24P HD PBS proposal, Carl Colby-Director

    o          That's What I'm Talking About starring Wayne Brady, 4 camera SD talk show TVLand, Andre Allen-director, Alan Adelman-LD

    o          Korn Concert, 12 Camera 24P HD concert for DVD

    o          Verizon spots, 24P HD film style commercial production

    o          One Campaign, PSA campaign segment, Pat Robertson, talent

    o          Other HD projects include University Hospital spots (Schofield Films), Food Network spots, various short films, tests and educational seminars.

Projects in 2004 include:

    o          Find Me Guilty, feature film starring Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage, 24P HD, Sidney Lumet-director, Ron Fortunato-DP

    o          Brotherhood, Showtime pilot, 24P HD, Philip Noyce-director, Ron Fortunato-DP

    o          Paul Simon, John Mayer, and Randy Jackson - inTune, VH1 pilot, 5 camera live to tape, Linda Mendoza-director

    o          Elton John at Radio City Music Hall, 30P HD 14 camera live to tape, Simon Staffurth-director

    o Presidential election spots 24P HD, Errol Morris-director, Darek Wolski-DP

    o          The Exonerated, 24P HD TV movie starring Susan Sarandon, Delroy Lindo, Danny Glover, Aidan Quinn, Brian Dennehy, Lee Tergesen. Produced by for CourtTV, Bob Balaban-director, Rufus Standefer-DP

    o          Nickolodeon Network promotional spots, Dane Lawing-DP

    o          NBC's Last Comic Standing, 6 camera 24P production, Engineer In Charge, NYC

    o          Sony Handycam 24P HD commercial, Michael Schrom-director

    o          Cyndi Lauper in concert at Town Hall, NY, HDNet

    o          Fear Factor Junior-Saturday Night Live parody, director-Jim Signorelli

    o          Donald Trump, Apprentice parody for Microsoft Corporation

    o          Kofi Annan, PSA, for International Olympics Committee

    o          Other projects on request

HD projects in 2003 include:

    o          Our Town, starring Paul Newman, for Showtime and PBS, James Naughton-director, Phil Abraham-DP

    o          Toyota WISH spot, Downtown Reel Productions, David Darby-DP

    o          Target spots, curiouspictures, Joan Raspo-director

    o          La Juive, Millennial Arts, Neil Shicoff-tenor, Sidney Lumet-director, Ron Fortunato-DP

    o          Annie Lennox-Solo, Toronto,, Kristi Zea-director, 9 camera 24P production

    o          Trading Spaces, 3 episodes for Discovery HD, Banyan Productions

    o          The Stepford Wives, 3 camera HD production for inclusion in the 35mm feature film, Frank Oz-director, Rob Hahn-DP

    o          Strip Search/Thought Crimes, produced by Levinson/Fontana for HBO Films, Sidney Lumet-director, Ron Fortunato-DP

    o          Rescue Me, TV pilot starring Denis Leary, Peter Tolan-director, Jonathan Freeman-DP

    o          Other projects on request

Projects in 2002 include:

    o          a multi-camera 24P music video for Cher's A Song for the Lonely, due in February 2002

    o          HD promos for Bill Moyers' NOW series for PBS

    o          one half of one scene for 35mm film output for Jonathan Demme's The Truth About Charlie

    o          Paxil commercial, directed by Barbara Kopple

    o          Multi-Camera Concert - Ozzy Osborne at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan

    o          Premiere season  of CBS' Queens Supreme, starring Oliver Platt, Annabella Sciorra, Robert Loggia, and L. Scott Caldwell

    o          ABC's Report from Ground Zero, produced by, directed by Lloyd Kramer

    o          CBS' 48 Hours Investigates wraparounds (ongoing through 2004)

    o          Other projects on request

He is considered one of the leading experts in HDTV production and post.

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